How To Register Old Ration Card as Smart Card in TNPDS Website?

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As in rule, there is no compulsion to avail ration card for the citizens of India. A family card is issued to the public who couldn’t afford food for themselves at an economical cost. However almost all indian nationals have ration card. If any new eligible person who want to apply for smart card can do so online now. But nowadays the application for new smart card is shrinking as everyone is rolled to have one. But the problem is find out a way on How to register for smart card is explained here.

  • Any ration card holder who is still not issued digital smart card can avail this service.
  • Google for “tnpds” either in mobile or web application
  • As the default in tamil language the visitor may opt for English
  • Then here under the ‘Useful Links’ click link “Smart Card Application
  • Now select ‘Old Card Enrolment’ that brings out an application form to fill in
  • Enter old paper ration card book number, fair price shop / fps code and attach proof of photocopy of ration card
  • Go through the note stating as “Fields highlighed with asterisk are compulsory /For transliteration in Tamil, kindly key the phrase in English & hit Space bar / Tab key. To remain any letter in English in Tamil column, Please hit 2 times backspace key after keying the letter and thereafter choose the right English from pull down menu”.
  • Enter the Name of Family Head, Father’s / Husband’s, Address.
  • Choose district, taluk, and village from the corresponding drop down list.
  • Type in the correct pincode, mobile number, landline number and email id.
  • Then on the right either upload / capture an instant photo in the jpeg format of below 10kb size.
  • Add details of the family members by typing / selecting name, gender, date of birth, relationship
  • Then under the card option, select no commodity card /rice card / sugar card /others
  • Also opt the correct proof of residence like aadhaar card, electricity bill, front page of pass book, gas consumer card, property tax in case of own house, passport, rent agreements (for tenants), slum clearance board allotment order, telephone bill, voter identity card
  • Finally upload the selected proof of residence of below 100kb size.
  • Check for the details of gas connection giving the name of the register, oil company name like hpc/bpc/ioc, lpg consumer number, gas agency name, and number of cylinders
  • Finally submit the declaration as “The above given information are correct to my knowledge and conscience; If the particulars provided by me are found either error or contrary to fact, I know that the smart family card given to me deemed cancelled and action taken against me under Essential Commodities Act (Act 10 of Central Act), 1955 and other rules in force.

This is not completed as from here the page will move on to the next process of aadhaar card scanning to be discussed here





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