How to Record Gamble Game on Android Smartphone?

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How to Record Gamble Game on Android Smartphone?

Everybody knows that you can record the video on the YouTube website and get the money from it. Especially when you play the favorite games and record the video on the Youtube website, millions of people playing the game come to see some of the videos to get rid of their suspicions.

we need to follow the way we play the game with accurate recordings of high quality quality. But sadness is not that most people do not know it but do not worry. Now let’s see how to highlight the quality of games on Android smartphone. If you do this correctly, it’s money in your forest.

Step 1. First you need to get the Google Play Games application of the Lotus Version. If you are not able to get the latest version, go to Google Play Store and update Step 2. After that you have to go to the ‘Save Feeds’ Offshan. There you will see a new Afsan ‘Gamble Rickard’ feature Step 3: You need to tap the Game Recorder for any game you want to record Step 4: Now you have to decide the quality of your video recording. If you have a lot of space on your smartphone, you can choose high quality. Otherwise, you have to choose the low quality

You can choose one of 720p or 480P of your video. You can then upload these recording videos to YouTube. This video was originally saved in a photo gallery called ScreenStats. You can then change it to recording.

We have seen how to record the gameplay on Android smartphone on the above system. By following these methods, you get the most gaming gaming experiences. And you can avoid recording games from third parties.

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