How to Protect Memory on Windows! Wonderful Tips

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How to Protect Memory on Windows! Wonderful Tips

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update provides a number of new features on Microsoft’s platform. The Windows 10 operating system has been receiving high level of support with minimal bug fixes.

see some icons and shortcodes again. Mostly, the icons, including the Windows Store or Edge Browser, are re-inserted on the screen. Like old methods, they are fixed. The new update is welcome as the Windows Approach. Your current Windows installation data is stored safely on Microsoft’s side to protect information. This file is helpful to install the old operating system once again in case of file disorder. However, it will occupy a lot of memory.

If you have a lot of memory in the computer, you may not be worried about it, and this folder will be automatically deleted within 30 days from being updated. For those who want to use the old platform again, this folter will not be fulfilled if this folder is destroyed. Probably not the memory in the computer, it can destroy this with Windows toolbars. New options included in Windows Setting in Fall Creators Update. One of these is Storage Sense, this feature will solve your memory problem. This will also allow you to destroy democracy files. Let’s continue to see how to do this.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and newer versions 1 – Go to Settings and click on System Options. 2 – Click on the Storage feature found in the left menu. Click on an application that asks how to change the memory in the same area (Change how we free up space). 3 – In this option, you will need to click on the option to destroy the previous Windows 10 installation. Now click on the Clean Now button. 4 – Wait until you collect all the files on Windows and destroy them. When this work is completed, the screen will be displayed on the screen for Windows. 5 – The new feature of the operating system is the Storage Sense, though it is automatically discharged. You will know what this will do in this section and how you can do it better.

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