How to properly monitor WiFi at home?

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How to properly monitor WiFi at home?

Have you changed the Wi-Fi password in your home? Or is there still a password on your WiFi install? You may have given your friends or relatives your Wi-Fi password when something special or a party is at home.

mislead others. This will slow down your Internet speed, and your monthly Internet data is likely to decrease soon. To avoid all these problems you may occasionally change your Wi-Fi password to the right solution. You need to change the Wi-Fi password at least once every six months

1. Always change the vibe password For some people, WiFi is the same as electricity and water. Most Internet companies will place WiFi modem in a corner where no one can touch. Here are some of the key issues that the WiFi holders will meet at home and the solutions for it

2. The center of the house should have a WiFi modem WiFi coverage is essential for all areas in the home to keep the modem in the center of the house. Most often put a modem or rutter near a corner of the house or a window. Keeping in mind that the low cost of wires is low, the Internet will not only reduce the speed of the Internet, but also the occasional Internet cut. That is why the rutter in the center of the house will get the Internet equal in all parts of the house. Also keep the router in a taller position, which helps to increase the speed of the Internet. Similarly, rutter should not be placed near the cordless phone, other routers, printers, microwave ovens

3. Determine the number of equipment used Do not give a premium Wi-Fi password to relatives and friends who are invited to a guest in your home. Give them a simple temporary password that they want. If you have your Rate Admins set and click on the Wireless Tape, there will be an Offshore Hosted Network. You can set up a password. At the same time, avoid using more people at the same time. A few routers will have Black and Rimbaine. If you have any unnecessary equipment, you can do it removable. Similarly, the guest network should be disqualified once the party is over. This means that you can avoid using your password. This will save your Internet data

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