How to prevent processors using Facebook Data?

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How to prevent processors using Facebook Data?

It is known that Facebook users will be able to log on to third-party users using third party information. In this manner, users’ perception information and brochure details are tracked and the online booking, which allows the computer to be allowed on a particular website. In this manner, the Cambridge Analytics company has infringed the data.

shake up a large number of advertising companies and third party companies. If you are one of those shocked, follow the following steps if you want your Facebook profile to be safe.

For those who use Facebook websites through desktop and mobile: 1. First go to the Facebook processor setting page 2. Then go to the area of ​​the editing area under that processor 3. Then tap Disable

For those who use the Android Facebook application 1. First access the Facebook processor 2. Then tap the hamburger menu on the right side of the processor 3. Click on Scrol and click Settings & Privacy 4. Click Account Setting 5. Click on the Applications 6. Click on the platform 7. Click Edit 8. Then choose Turn Off Thus all third party lights will be disqualified. You can now use the Facebook processor boldly. It is noteworthy that if you leave Facebook without logging out, you will have to log in again when using Facebook. Furthermore, your Facebook account will get additional protection by passing the password. If you are doing something big, follow the following steps.

Facebook website users using text and mobile 1. Go to the Setting page in Facebook processor 2. Then scroll up to the next application 3. Tape the edition. Now your Facebook profile will be used by friends and third party processors. This includes all your data, birthday, processor activity, family details, and everything online. 4. Do all the Annex and save

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