How to Prepare a Shopping List by Google Assistant?

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How to Prepare a Shopping List by Google Assistant?

Let us go to the supermarket to find out what items we want to buy before we buy it and put it in the brain. But after returning to the supermarket, I realized that we had forgotten to buy one or more important things. It is not our crime. It is not possible for everyone to remember all the things. But at the same time, technology is growing and it is possible to get home without reminding anything in today’s world. Without writing in the paper, we can not write in the paper and record the items we need by voice and ask for it to get back to the material.

the things we buy. Go to Google and say Google is OK. Automatically start a new shopping list page After that you can record the items you need in the shopping list and then check it through the Google home processor.

How to Make a Listed Creed by Google Home Processor You can make your own shopping list in Google Account. But this can not be done on this Google home processor. Adding to the new Command list creat in addition to the Voice Command in the already registered PRIMARY list 1. First you have to click on the menu tape 2. Go to Google Assistant and tap the Shopping List on it. This is a new window opener in Google Chrome 3. Tap the new list in the window and open it 4. Put a name for this list and then put that list into a primary lid Read more at:

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