How To Open Indian Army Canteen Stores Department URC in India?

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The Indian army administered canteen stores department operating canteen stores depot in turn has associated outlet called Unit Run Canteens or simply URCs. URC is a one stop place for recommended customers. Here in army canteen urc can find options of food & beverage list of products and toiletries including consumer durables. URC stores all items at the least prices possible in the nation. Many URCs are available across India, from the urban to the most remote locations, for the ease of our indian army troops.

An extensive phrase of guidelines for forming and functioning URCs are listed here like

  • Case Statement to open a new URC
  • How & Who can start a new URC
  • Financial support provided to URC

There are lot of urc application forms to download separately

  • Registration number needed to begin a URC
  • Register URC for para-military forces falling under operation/
  • administrative control of the Army
  • Financial aid from canteen stores depot
  • Contract required to open URC

The URC manual is made available in hard copy format also. One can avail sending e-mail request to


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