How to immediately download IOS 12?

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How to immediately download IOS 12?

Apple’s 2018 international developers have introduced various new features based on the new IOS 12 platform. From the original notifications, you will be sure to use some of the new features, such as tracking the iPhone app and improved smile.

However, other than developers can not use the IOS 12 platform immediately. In fact, if you can not use IOS 12, you can join Apple developer program, which costs 100 dollars, or Rs 6735 in Indian value.

If you followed this algorithm, you can download Mac OS Mozuve 10.14 and IOS 12 Developer Freeway from the Apple Developer page.

Since the iOS 12 platform is not yet ready for use, developers only know how to use it and know how to fix them if there are problems. Apple has been working to further enhance the new platform, which is currently in use by OS developers. They will be working on how to prepare their applications in the new operating system. The IOS 12 public release will be held later this year, ie in September or October. Prior to this, Apple will release IOS 12 beta version at the end of June.

After all, if you do not mind Apple’s developer plan, First go to the web page for the Apple Developer project and follow the instructions. You now have an Apple ID. More personal information will be provided. Click on ‘Start Your Enrollment’ button and follow each of the steps. In this case, it is beneficial to make enough arrangements to pay online.

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