How to hide messenger stories from everyone?

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How to hide messenger stories from everyone?

Story feature is provided in services like Snapshot, Instagram, Watts, and Facebook. This feature, which started on Snapshot site, is now available to everyone. The same feature is given in the Messenger processor named My Day.

Day, was renamed in November 2017. Unlike other services, this store will remain permanent, not permanently in 24 hours. You can add photo, video and text in the Messenger. You can post any video and photo that the user wants on the store. Adding the story to Facebook is very simple. – Open the Messenger Processor. – Click on home icon. Click on the left side of the processor and add the Button – Once you have created a photo, video or text, click on the below arrow. – Now your Story can be added to your store by clicking on the next option. – The facility is also available to send some of the store to a short message.

If you want to clear the store, click on your store in Home Screen and click on the nearest three points to select a Delight option. Sometimes you will be shared with people who do not want to be in touch when you store the store on social networks. MESSEN’S MY DIE feature helps to capture various aspects of photo and videos. If you do not want to share the photo or video uploaded as My Story, you can disable the option.

You can also hide the messenger stores from everyone In the absence of any option to hide the stock directly on Facebook, there are some ways to hide the store stores from others. – You have to click on the profile in the Messenger. – Scroll down the bottom and click on the Story option. – You should now click on the option. – Next changelog – Know your contact list in the Messenger. – Do not choose any contents at all. – Click the Back button. – Nowhere is the title ‘Nobody will be able to see your day,’ under the heading ‘Warning’. Click on OK button.

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