How To Have Correct Entries in Smart Ration Card in Chennai?

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chennai smart ration cardThe civil supply and consumer protection department has started computerizing the prevailing manual printed ration card family records into the kiosk at the ration card shop officer.

In contrast to eradicate the bogus ration cards in tamil nadu state the government has come forward implementing the smart ration card. Towards its development the aadhaar card is the key tool works in removing the duplicate ration card across India.

Now to take it to printing and issuing of smart family cards, at the pilot basis, one of the zone controlled ration shop office has started entering the kudumba attai uruppinargal peyargal i.e, name of the family members in the ration card in the database.

This feeding of ration card family members record will enable the ration card holder getting sms messaging billing of available ration items in pertinent to the concerned ration card.

And that way, the kudumba attaidhaarargal were instructed to give a photo copy xerox of aadhaar card of the family members long back. As it is already in progressing towards end up to the biometric processed citizens in the state, it moved to the next level.

Now from today onwards, the ration shop worker or billing incharge will be entering the family member records in the smart ration card billing machine.

The entries of the ration card family members goes in english rather than in tamil, the computer operator will take maximum effort to use its typographical transliteration knowledge in keying the records. Most case the datas from aadhaar cards given are feeded in the smart ration card device with exception to the case where the aadhaar card copy is still not available.

On the other hand to have the smart ration card entries smooth and perfect with zero correction, the ration card holder can approach the ration card shop incharge in guiding the entries made correctly rather than wrongly.

Sometimes, the aadhaar card details may be erronic will lead to the copy of the same in smart ration card by the ration card shopkeeper. It is therefore necessary for the people to be knowledgeable to make the entry to the best version possible.

For those ration card holders who had not given the aadhaar copy can write in a small piece of paper (or on copy of ration card itself) their family members name in english (provided this time it is not wrong from your end) next to the names in tamil and their relationship with the head of the family of the ration card.

And for those whose given aadhaar copy carries their name misspelled can do the proceed with the same manner.

Please ensure with the shopkeeper by closely following him / her in a kind manner to have your database entered correctly.

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