How to Get Ration Card in the state of Madhya Pradesh?

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We are in the period where groceries are bought online, inlieu of standing in lengthy queues however the importance of ration card has still not obsolete. Although the nationals of India do not broadly have family ratio cards for grocery purchasing, it still used as an vital paper that can be determined as address proof for EB bills, bank passbook, gas bill as well as passport. There are alternate options available presently such as smart aadhaar card but possessing a ration card can be easy for evidence of your Indian citizenship.

Previously it was difficult to avail new ration card or to get duplicate, in case of lost or missing ration card but currently the MP Government have enhanced and electrified the method of getting family ration cards in the state.

Ration card is treated as a very vital document to buy daily needs such as grains, pulses, rice, wheat, oil and kerosene at subsidised price. The prices are as cheap as wheat Re.1 a kg, rice Rs.2 per kg and a lot. THerefore smart card is important and useful for people below poverty line whereas Indian citizens above poverty line can have the ration card as proof of identity for obtaining voter’s card, passport, LPG gas connection, domicile certificate and much more.

Following are the kinds of Ration Cards in the state of Madhya Pradesh

  • BPL ration cards meant for Below Poverty Line where a citizen’s income per year is below Rs.10,000
  • APL ration cards entitled for Above Poverty Line where a person’s annual income is over Rs.10,000
  • AYY ration cards for Antyodaya is for very poor people who do garner a stable income.

Who can made application for ration card in MP?

  • Citizens who do not hold a ration card at all
  • Recently wedded partners residing in the state
  • Citizens of Economically Weaker Section or EWS
  • Families whose ration card is temporary or has exhausted

THe list of documents necessary to apply for ration card in Madhya Pradesh are:

  • Address proof of residents like
    electricity -water -tax paid -phone bill as address proof
  • PAN card, voter id card, bank passbook as residential identity proof
    Name, age, dob, relation of family members particulars
  • Annual income of citizen
  • Contact Address

How to apply for ration card in Madhya Pradesh?

  • Citizens who are in need of ration card can approach Jan Seva Kendra, situated across all districts of the state. They required to have the application form and can seek help from the employee in the office to fill and submit the form.
  • With the form is written, enclose the above listed documents (attested copy) or original, whichever is essential
  • Simply Submit the form in the office and demand acknowledgement slip to know the date and time indicating the issue of ration card
  • And to check madhya pradesh ration card status online visit here

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