How to get hide the whatsup from the phone?

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How to get hide the whatsup from the phone?

Tap on the lock-out button from Facebook, Twitter or Snapshot processors can easily be magic. But it can not be magic from its notifications until the Whatsup processor is installed on the smartphone. More often, you will not be able to delve into the VATS and simply for a short time.

If you turn off Bluetooth tick receipts, you will be able to know whether you read the short message or not. The main reason for this is that when you open Watts, you will know that your contents are online. Currently there is an officially way out of the Watts App Activity, but it will only work for a short time.

We do not have to install any additional processes in this package, let’s get to know the algorithm from WatsApp without disconnecting the Internet connection or keeping the mobile phone in Silent Mod. From the VATS app, you can install firewall processors like Mobiwol or NoRoot Firewall on your Android smartphone. Such processors will only disconnect the Internet connection to specific processes on the smartphone. You can disconnect the Internet to the VATA processor by getting emails with these processors.

However, most processors will do this to root your smartphone. Do not worry, such as the Mobivol or No root firewall mentioned above will also work on the root of the smartphone. Although we do not recommend third-party applications for such services, they may be inaccessible to your information. Let’s see how to get rid of a few more sets, and then watts. There are three options. First of all, you can put Watts on the smartphone only in Silent. Second, the WatsApp icon or dot notifications for new messages can be turned off from Notification bar. Third, you can disable Notification Light for Watts Operator. Finally remove the wattsup shortcut icon from the home screen.

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