How to get e-Aadhaar Card without enrollment date and mobile number

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Is there any way to get Aadhaar card download from internet without providing enrollment date or registered mobile number.   This is the question million of indians ask to get aadhaar card.

The answer is Yes and No.

Yes because if you know the registered mobile number – you can get aadhaar card downloaded even if you dont have enrollment date (and time) details.  You can get the enrollment date and time to your mobile number using this form.

How To Get Aadhaar Card:

Here we provide the latest information regarding how to get Aadhaar Card with the step by step process online.

Step 1:

The person can visit the link of and select the option as Aadhaar No (UID) or Enrolment No (EID) and provide the person details like your full name along with the Email or the registered Mobile Number.

The person will be provided with the security code which should be entered in the box provided and finally press the Get OTP button.

Aadhaar Card Status 1

Step 2:

After submitting the person details and only if the details are correctly entered the candidates can get the OTP which is nothing by the One Time Password to the registered Mobile Number or Email.

After receiving the OTP number the candidates can enter the OTP received in the registered Mobile Number or Email and press the Verify OTP button.

Aadhaar Card OTP

Step 3:

After the verification of OTP an message will be sent to the registered Mobile Number or Email regarding the AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id.

Step 4:

The candidates can now visit the link and select the option as Enrollment Id or Aadhaar from the menu I have.

Step 5:

The candidates are asked now to type the AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id along with full name, Pin Code, security text, mobile number and press the Get OTP button.

Step 6:

To the registered Mobile Number or Email again an OTP will be sent and that OTP need to be typed and press the button of Validate and Download.

Step 7:

This will be the final step where the candidates can view and download the e-Aadhar card online and the downloaded PDF file can be opened using the pin code which is the password for opening the PDF file.


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