How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Number?

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To prevent the sharing of Aadhaar database, the Unique Identification Authority of India aka UIDAI has introduced virtual IDs & limited KYC sharing. This virtual id is launched to excel privacy, and security of Aadhaar card holders in place of his/her Aadhaar number thus to avoid the want of parting the Aadhaar number during authentication.”

What is Aadhaar Virtual Identity is all about?

  • The Virtual ID is a random 16-digit number accompanied by biometrics of the user would fetch any reputed agency such as a mobile company, limited information like name, address, & photograph.
  • A user can produce any number of Virtual IDs whenever required.
    The previous virtual ID will go automatically deleted as the new one generated.
  • Effective 1.6.2018, it will be mandatory for all agencies that stand authentication to agree the Virtual ID from their users.
  • The Virtual Identification is only a temporary and revocable sixteen digit random number mapped to a resident’s Aadhaar number and the Aadhaar-issuing office will commence agreeing it from 1.3.2018.
    Aadhaar number card holder can utilize the Virtual ID instead of Aadhaar number at time of KYC services are handled.
  • Users can log on to the UIDAI official website to make their virtual ID valid for a defined period of time or until the user fixes to modifies it.
  • Agencies that oath authentication would not be let to produce the Virtual ID on behalf of Aadhaar resident, according to UIDAI website.
  • The UIDAI has also come out the idea of ‘limited KYC’ in which it will just give need-based or limited information of a user to an recognized agency that is offering a specific service.
  • Those agencies who do not upgrade to the fresh system to provide this extra option to their users by the mentioned due date will have impose of financial disincentives.

The UIDAI is advising every agencies utilizing its authentication and eKYC services to make sure Aadhaar holders can offer the sixteen-digit Virtual ID inlieu of Aadhaar number within their application.

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