How To Find The Hidden nine features of Google Drive

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How To Find The Hidden nine features of Google Drive ?

Anyone can not imagine the digital life of Google Drive without software today
keeping important details, all of them are essential for the Google Drive for any task. However, many of the Google Drive service features regularly used features. Let’s continue to see the most useful, many unknown features that Google Drive offers

While the Google Drive has been used to re-employ the official tasks after a little bit of breaks, the Renault View tape will show us the latest use of the drive’s interior. In most of these are our photos. Did you know that sometimes we can delete photos on this occasion view, which can take our time off? powered by Rubicon Project If you type Google Drive on the server bar-jpg, all the photos are taken and you can see the data you have recently created or edited. This feature works on both website and mobile applications.

This feature allows you to see all the files you’ve recently used on the MiRivir option. You can see the Quick Access button on the Drive Setting option, which allows you to view your latest data by clicking on it.

The Google Drive’s Church Look is the arrow mark which represents the subtraction. When you click on this, there are some options to filter your search responses. This feature is most useful for you if you’ve used drive for years.

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