How to export passwords from Google Chrome?

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How to export passwords from Google Chrome?

The browser deals with the difficult task of giving our experience to the Internet needs. It should be said that all browsers in this way are not always smooth.

browser, do not you have to save the password and lock information you have stored on them? Google has answered the question. Google has finally added the facility to export saved passwords. Travelers can save their browser password and log in details in the format of a backup

This feature is included in the latest update of Google. Users can now export all their passwords in CSV file form. By doing so, the user will be useful when switching from one browser to another browser. Do not know how to save saved passwords? Let’s see how to do this:

The first thing to do: You need to know before exposing passwords. • You need to keep the CSV file you want to be able to keep it safe. • Users can run their CSV file through Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet. • Various password manager can import log information on the software.

Follow the instructions: Export passwords from Google Chrome, 1 – Google Chrome software must be installed on the computer. 2 – Click on the top left and click on the three points. 3 – Click Settings to click on. 4 – Swipe down and click on Advance Options. Click on Managed Password option and click on Forms Sexy. 6 – Click on three points in the Managed Password Seach. 7 – Export passwords should now be selected. 8 – Click on the Export Password option on the pop-up again. 9 – Here’s a verifier with details of your lock. 10 – End Export File Select the location to be saved and click Save (Save) button.

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