How to do private browsing on a smartphone? Here are tips

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How to do private browsing on a smartphone? Here are tips

If you want to gather information you do not have to wander anywhere. From the point of view, using the browsing can easily gather information in various ways. But do you know where the information we are looking for is collected on the Internet? One commonly known is Browning History. But browser and web pages are stored in various ways in exchange for information. They may be in many forms like cases, cookies, brown extensions, autobiles.

Going to the settings section of Chrome (Chrome) and clicking on the parse, a list will appear. Choose ‘Safe Browsing’ on it. Protects your proximity information in the name of Chrome. This is a warning about fraud and viruses. By selecting ‘Do not Tracking’, Chrome will send a rickshaw to the website. But websites can discard it and continue to collect information. It can also be used because the prawning history is not stored in ‘Private Mode’. Open the processor and select the ‘New Incognito Tab’ in the list of three clicks. Go to ‘Sets’ section and choose ‘Clear browsing history’ in ‘piravasai’. You can select and delete the list you want to delete.

Choose the settings in the menu in Firefox and run the following features. ‘Tracking Protective’: This feature is mainly used for PRIVATE FRUSSING, but can also be used for browning. If the shield symbol is in the address bar, it indicates that tracking is blocked in this browser. By selecting ‘Clear private data on exit’, all information will be cleared when you close the Firefox browser. If you do not have to save the password, uncheck ‘Remember Logins’. If you choose ‘piravavi’ and ‘security’ in the Safari area, you can find the following facilities: Prevent cross-site tracking: This feature facilitates gathering of information on your other web pages. Block all cookies: The information is stored in a convenient way to make it quick. You can ban that too. Camera and Microphone access: You may avoid using other sites to misuse the camera by unchecking this feature. To delete the browsing history, select ‘Clear history and website data.’

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