How to Disable Lock Screen in Windows 10 Platform?

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How to Disable Lock Screen in Windows 10 Platform?

The Windows Lock screen is welcome to welcome us on the computer. It’s been a long time since many of these have not been preserved in the sense of being aware of it.

screenshot will be hazardous to many. The first blocker is a lock screen when you turn on the computer. Windows 10 April 2018 update has been made to disclose Lock Screen for many to be useless.

Let’s continue to see how to do Windows 10 Lock Screen. – First you need to run the command regedit and run the command – You should now double-click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left – The next software (SOFTWARE) should be opened and opened – You have to double click again and open Policies – Right-click on Wintos – Now click on the New (New) option and press the Key key – You have to rename the Personal Keyword (New Key) # 1 and click on the Enter button.

– Personality Folder, Click Registry Editor by clicking on New Click and choose DWORD (32-bit) – New popup opens on the right side of the Registry editor, where it will be named New Value # 1 (New Value # 1). Change the name to NoLockScreen and click on the Enter button

Now you need to click on NoLockScreen and open its Value Data. Change values ​​from 0 to 1 under the Llue Database and click OK. – Next, you need to leave the registry editor and restart the computer

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