How to Delete or Deactivate Your Apple ID?

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How to Delete or Deactivate Your Apple ID?

This year, Apple introduced an Internet portal that allowed users to choose data and privacy. With this website users can run their information better and download them at the time of their choice.

option to deploy or de-activate Apple ID. Users can permanently deposit their account or disable it for a short period of time. If you do not use Apple account permanently or want to deploy or de-activate Apple ID, you can follow the steps below:

Before you do this, you should consider: – You can not get it back by erasing account. Once the data or account is destroyed, it can not be recovered in the future. – Photos, videos, and other data will be permanently deleted. – All services included in the account-like iCloud, festim and iMessage are disconnected. – You will continue to work on the iMusic service, although DRM-free data in the iCloud Music Library will be destroyed.

Suggestions: – Before de-activating Apple ID, you need to download your information stored on a single ID. – If you use Apple ID later, it is better to de-activate without deleting it. – Once you have completed your batch, sign up for Apple account from devices you have synchronized.

Instructions for following your Apple account: 1 – First go to the ‘’ website from your computer or Mac device. 2 – Log-in with your log-in details to answer security questions or fill in two-factor authentication. 3 – Click Continue button to continue on Apple ID and Privacy page. 4 – Click ‘Delete’ and click on ‘Get Started’ option, which will be required to delete the account. 5 – Select the reason for deleting the account and click on the Continue button below. 6 – You should check your subscriptions and click on the Continue button.

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