How to Delete Facebook permanently?

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How to Delete Facebook permanently?

The security of Facebook’s users’ privacy following the Cambridge Analytics issue has been questioned. Many people who use Facebook have finally decided to free their site and try to clear their account.

Directly destroying a Facebook account is not so easy. If you have been looking for Facebook account settings, you might know this. It’s a challenging thing to get your personal information back and destroy you completely from the site.

If you continue to use the Facebook site, but if your information is not shared with third-party developers, your Facebook account can only be removed from third-party sites. If you want to permanently delete your account, we will continue to see how to do it.

If you’re using Facebook, you’ll definitely be able to store hundreds of photos and videos on its servers. The same thing applies to post and commands. On the Facebook site, you will be logged on to the details of the log-in, including the time, date and the amount of your account statistics in the ads.

Before you permanently clear your Facebook account, it’s best to save all. To do this you have to click on Facebook settings – Download a copy of your Facebook data option. You can not get it again if your account is deleted.

Once your Facebook account is cleared, it may take up to 90 days to take your post and photos. If you do not browse your information on the site, delete them immediately. The Social Book Post Manager Plug in Google Chrome will allow you to destroy multiple Facebook posts with the same click. Take your information first and then install this plug-in. You should now go to the Facebook Activity Lists and choose what you want to destroy. Click on the Social Book Post Manager icon and specify a specified date or time. The postings you specify are highlighted in yellow, and they will be destroyed if you click on the Delay button. After doing so, you can not retrieve the deleted information.

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