How To Correct Aadhaar Card Via Online Website?

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Updating or correcting aadhaar card online is quite easy when it is perfectly done. To correct or update aadhaar card online should follow the following steps:


  • The aadhaar One Time Password will be received on the registered mobile number as under:


[time] Your One Time Pin is “six digit numeric” and is valid for 15 minutes.

  • Enter the received 6 digit OTP number and hit Login
  • aadhaar card online updation form
  • Select the requisite field/s like name, gender, dob, address, mobile number, email id to be updated as one can find the registered local language and hit submit.
  • Here please go through the instructions to follow like:

aadhaar card correction form 1

Enter data for update

Submit your details in the form below. Ensure that your information is transliterated correctly in the local language. The English spellings in the local language boxes may be modified to get the local language spelling correctly. Detailed guidelines on local language transliteration are available here :

  • Preference – This cannot be changed presently and the resident by default will find the entries getting transliterated in the said regional local language from english.
    • Personal Detail – Mention the name to be changed (given enough proof available) and ensure the transliteration is getting correctly. There are lot of differences irrespective of whatever language software or multi-language keyboard when used. One should be expert in arriving the name in the local language. Do not skip back to the english column tried to change there instead stick on to local language column that will break into 2 rows with the latter row indicating the transliteration of the 1st row. As you find it correct you can place mouse cursor on the transliterated word and click disappear one of the two rows. And the same method has to be followed wherever the narrative words in columns of address change.
    • Next, button check gender of male / female / transgender (for shemale show proof of evidence)
  • DOB – Use apps to select date of birth
  • Contact Details
    • C/o. Use pull down menu to choose C/O, W/O, S/O, D/W followed by entering the name
    • House / Bdg / Apartment – Please ensure not using special characters as and when it is prompted in redline. Can mention name of the flat, community, society, avenue, block and so along with the door number, house number, plot no. and the floor.
    • Street / Road / Lane – Apart from this there could be highway name and number in respect to your address which can type down here.
    • Landmark – It is necessary to give a near close map of your address
    • Area / Locality / Sector – Without error type the official name of the area in full and not in abbreviation except in case of given space is not sufficient. You may also include taluk, sub-district, circle, sub-circle, revenue, block, etc., here.
    • Pincode is very important as it is asterisked.
    • Village / Town / City – Upon entering the pincode this column automatically pulls down the concerned name of the location from the postal department of India to be selected. So need not worry if there are discrepancies from the address in practice as this is by default and there is no provision to alter and it is correct too. On the other hand you may omit this name in the above address part in order to make a duplicate line.
    • P.O., District, State are again automated from the selected village / town / city, Post, and district to pull down and select. But where for the local language on the other side need to be manually correct the transliterated one if requires for the respective corresponding columns.
  • Finally the mobile number & email id to be entered in the given boxes and hit “submit update request” to move to next level on

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