How To Correct Aadhaar Card Via Email

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Generally the aadhaar cards are corrected or updated in many forms such as in person, through online portal, via post but through email to the request is very simple rather than as a application or manual forms.

Yes. Email your aadhaar card correction request to the aadhaar card help center email address. However the correction to the name, dob, c/o. name, address, mobile number only can be updated and not at any cost the specimen photo will be changed. While mailing you should have to attach enough proof of documents to acknowledge the request. The time taken for completing aadhaar card correction process through this email method varies in large compared to all else.

Do mentioned what it is to be corrected very crystal and crispy rather than confusing. Or you may attach a excel sheet as a table giving “prevailing” or “to be updated / changed / corrected” and “remarks” for change / wrong errors.

Also, one may write down on the plain paper about the same excel table where transliteration of the particulars over computer is difficult. Scan and attach the same here.

Do attach the evidence like POI, DOB, POA with the maximum documents affixed with specimen photo, attested, signed with date and time.

Do enclose the scanned copies of original documents rather than scanning the photo copies of original.

Please give atleast 30 days to get a response from them and follow up to close the process.

However, the rate of closing of request through this email method to change aadhaar card correction is less compared to all else.


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