How to copy multiple applications and use multiple accounts on the same phone?

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How to copy multiple applications and use multiple accounts on the same phone?

For those who want to use multiple accounts on the same phone, this method is very useful.

appeared to be a major event in the original phones that were made to make calls and messages. But today applications have become the centerpiece for directing a smartphone. Any smartphone, if it comes to the hands of a user, takes a few hours to establish a few of his favorite councils. However, it is an inevitable thing that you can not keep multiple copies of the same application on your phone. But some applications may have different accounts. If so, you can use the application called Parallel Space in Play Store. Using this application, you can copy your applications. You can also log into an application copy. First you need to download this application. And then you have done the following things. 1) You can copy any application through parallel space to sites that require different accounts . But it is noteworthy that all the applications do not need to be copied. For example, calculator. Most often, the following is necessary to copy: a) Social Web Applications Applications like Snapshot and Instagram are used as a social website in various ways, commercially, websites and services. It is therefore necessary to handle other brand accounts from the personal account to isolate. Though applications like Instagram start to connect different accounts, it is best to use parallel spaces to manipulate your account individually.

Playing games for games online, such as the great people, especially those of the Clash of Glenes, were looking forward to such an application for a long time. c) If multiple applications have been installed in various accounts, many applications allow you to create different accounts, however, you may want to keep your business and personal character different. If you already have separate accounts such as this, you can easily create an application’s separate copies and easily meet your requirement. 2) Parallel Spaces After you install the application, you will find three buttons on the home screen. These include: a) Eye is not visible to the eyes b) Control center c) + code

We further explain in detail the functions of the above mentioned key:

Eyewear-installed applications can be installed by using this feature and they do not know the parallel spatial shots on your home screen. They are available only within parallel spaces. Since Parallel is run on a real Android environment in space, it keeps logging (login) and applications off from other parts of the device. b) Control Center is accessible to these choices by settings, Task Manager and other options such as FAQ In these settings you will most likely need to consider: 1) Create a shaqat 2) Swipe into paral spaces 3) Automatically create a shuttle for applications c) + The code is able to copy the applications through this process. A list is opened by clicking on it. You can scroll up your applications and recommended applications. Tapped to the Play Store, you can download the specific application and return to Parallel Space and copy them.

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