How to connect your smartphone with your computer?

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How to connect your smartphone with your computer?

Microsoft is proud to celebrate its first annual anniversary of Windows 10. Microsoft has introduced some new features in Windows 10 since the end of the year. Its specialty is that this new update will be more useful and helpful to the beneficiaries. Focus Assist with newly introduced ones, with some of the most useful features including shaving and timeline with nearby people.

One of the things that surprise most of these features is that you can use your smartphone with a wireless assistant like a mirror on a Windows 10 operating system. Many more have not used this feature as a regulator. But this facility is a very useful facility. For example, if you want to upload a script of a game that you are playing on YouTube, use this feature to record your Windows computer. Likewise, businessmen can show a presentation on your smartphone and transfer it to the computer. Let’s see how to use the smartphone as a computer’s glass

Is your computer in the new version of Windows 10 operating system? Make sure that you know first. Secondly, remember that your computer and smartphone should be on the same Internet connection. If you are a smart TV user instead of a computer, smart TV and smartphone should be on the same network.

Now let’s see how to implement this mirror function 1. First you need to connect your computer and smartphone to a single network 2. Check the Notification Center and then open the Quick Sector 3. Click on Connect Offense 4. Click on Projection on the PC 5. Click on ‘Avalable Evriver’ in the First Dialog Box 6. Close the window 7. Connect again and repeat the above two and third stages 8. Tap on ‘Smart’ on your smartphone and tap the ‘cast’ on it 9. The name of the computer in it. Keep it off 10. Wait some time until Connex is available

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