How To Connect Aadhaar No. with Idea with 14546?

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Connecting your Aadhaar and mobile number has gone simpler through the new IVR process launched by the government of India. Make a call to 14546 from any mobile no., and have your Aadhaar handy to link the 2 from your house. The new single number for Interactive Voice Response services was made available to facilitate the linking.

The Digital India authorized Twitter handle announced the information of the new IVR solutions and confirmed that this will let any mobile user with multiple phone numbers to connect your Aadhaar number.

“DigitalIdentity service made easy | @UIDAI (Aadhaar) has given instructions for generating OTP either via the service provider’s web portal or through the Interactive Voice Response services to make the linking or re-verification.

The all-new IVR service will facilitate Aadhaar linking and it is part of government of India move. The government ruled that all existing customers to verify their mobile number with Aadhaar and it is mandatory. Sometime all were running to nearest telecom operator store to finish the biometric verification which was slightly convenient.

How to link Aadhaar card number to mobile phone number via OTP?

Before dialling the new toll-free phone number ensure your Aadhaar card is handy along with mobile number for the One-time password. The cellular operators like Airtel, Idea, & Vodafone are already in line activating the process followed by reliance jio and bsnl in a short while.

Ring the number 14546 from your own mobile phone number
If asked for Indian or an NRI, select the right option
Press 1 to give your consent requested to link aadhaar with mobile by the IVR process
The telephone subscribers should then required to key in their twelve-digit Aadhaar number and hit 1 to confirm. You get only two options to correct the aadhaar input correctly.
The OTP generated by Aadhaar Server will be forwarded to your mobile
Then consent your mobile number with IVR process to fetch your personal information such as resident name, photo, and date of birth from their aadhaar records
Up on receipt, IVR will speak the last four digits of your mobile number to re-confirm your given number
As the re-confirmation is made, users can message the OTP received in SMS
By typing the OTP followed by pressing 1 finishes the process. IVR will then say that the Aadhaar-based mobile number re-verification process was done.

The aadhaar mobile process is completed within 48 hours time and the same will be intimated through SMS on your mobile number confirming that Re-verification was successful.

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