How To Connect Aadhaar Card Number with Airtel Mobile Number via IVRS?

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Subscribers of few cellular networks are free to get the interactive voice response method to link their mobile phone numbers with Aadhaar card numbers. Some telecom giants are now permitting their users to utilize this chance by ringing a central customer care number. Doing this the customer can avoid visiting the mobile showrooms ir offline stores to connect the two digital numbers.

All the clients of 3 big telecommunication providers such as Airtel, Vodafone, & Idea can ring 14546 from their own handphone numbers to check it by linking it to their uidai numbers. The sim cards of the corporate networks are not required to to re-verify their SIM cards. Likewise Reliance Jio callers too do not required to avail this process as the company itself in first obtain the Aadhaar numbers to active their SIM cards. Aircel is yet to offer IVR facilty for Aadhaar-mobile numbers linking process.

On connecting to the IVR, the user is requested to claim on the resident like whether it is indian or NRI. The customers are further appealed to approval for linking their Aadhaar & mobile numbers. The subscriber should type the twelve digit aadhaar number correctly. And in turn IVR replays the the last 4 digits of the keyed in aadhaar number and requests confirmation.

Also IVR then mails one time password via sms message to the registered mobile number. The user will be asked to insert their cell phone no., and let the operator to gain their name, specimen photograph, and dob from UIDAI database. Finally the IVR will repeat the final four digits of the typed mobile number to get confirm. The user will be asked to finger in the OTP had through SMS and finish the process by simply pressing 1.

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