How to clean the laptop? Super Tips

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How to clean the laptop? Super Tips

If you regularly clean the laptop devices, you can extend the lifespan. Various study results have revealed that there are a number of krims in computer keyboards that we use daily.

recommends that you clean up the computer keyboards and mouse in regular intervals. It’s good to clean the laptop screen while cleaning the keyboards. By doing so, cleaning work is done.

Switch on the laptop and turn off the battery. – Open the laptop. – Hold the laptop upside down and tap softly, so that when small drops fall down. – Keyboard is full of air and it will remove the dust from the buttons. – Wrap the laptop in a wider space and make a small brush fit in the keyboard. – Take a handful of coconut on the hand and wash it in the liquid to clean the electronic devices, and grip the keyboard completely. When doing so, you should take care of your moisture at the keyboard.

How To Clean LCD Screen – First air the air to remove the dust on the screen. – Mix vinegar and distilled water. – Sprinkle the vinegar mixture previously mixed and gently clean with a clean cloth.

Keep the screen clean at any time, often with a microfiber cloth. It is necessary to read the menu supplied with your laptop before using such products on the screen

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