How to check video resolution on Android and Windows platforms?

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How to check video resolution on Android and Windows platforms?

Video Resolution is the number of pixels in the smartphone or other digital screens. These are measured in angles (width x height). The resolution of a video will directly affect its quality and staging level.

according to your need. Sometimes you can increase or decrease the video resolution. Resolutions should be lowered when the video is uploaded to the smartphone from the computer and if the video does not work, the video may not work.

How to Find Video Resolution on an Android Site? Let’s continue to find video resolution on the Android site. All videos recorded on the Android site, or the resolution of videos downloaded on other devices can be recognized. 1 – Open the gallery of the smartphone and choose any video. 2 – Open the video and click on the Inbox. The interface tape varies with every Android device. 3 – When selecting the Information Table, you can see the resolution, file size and storage of specific videos.

1 – Select the video file and click on the right click. 2 – Click the Proptersex menu from the drop-down menu. 3 – Click on the Dietails tab in the video proprietary screen. 4 – Provides various information including the resolution of the video on the Diesel table.

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