How to chat with Paytm inbox and transfer money?

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How to chat with Paytm inbox and transfer money?

Paytm users can now chat on the same site and transfer money. The digital wallet has added a new application called Inbox to the PDM service. This can enable users to send money, SMS messages, audio, video message and location sharing.

for Everyone button is included. This option can delete the messages sent by users in the PAYTM inbox service, as in the Watts App Activity. However, no time limit has been determined to destroy the message. The Delight for Every One feature in Watts Operator lets you clear it within seven minutes of sending a short message. You can delete the message you sent with Paytm inbox. To use this option you need to click on the dialog and click on Delete for all option. This feature is quickly delivered to Android and IOS users.

Key Features of Paytm Inbox: – Completely encrypted. – Chad can make money transfer. – Delay for everybody is available comfortably. – Share photo, video and live location. – Notification, order and games are provided in the Inbox Messenger. How to use Paytm Inbox? – Go to the Play Store on the Android smartphone and update the Paytm processor. – You should now click on the inbox icon found on the bottom right of the screen. Here you can see all the contents of the smartphone’s contents in the PAYTM. – Click the New Message icon and click on the contact you want to chat with. – Click on the Creed Group option and create a new chat group. How to Send and Get Money with Paytm Inbox? First you need to click on Send Money / Request Money. – You need to click on Send Money or Receivable Money Option to click on the amount you send or receive. – Paid Wallet or Beam UI, Credit, Debit Card or Net Banking Options can be added to the money. – Click on the Facebook option in the Inbox feature to know the cash flow details.

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