How to change password on Facebook?

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How to change password on Facebook

Friends and Relatives Anywhere in the world, Facebook is the best social website to be in touch with them anytime. It should be remembered that Facebook has recorded all your information in full. All the posts you post, the updates, personal information, and contact details are stored on Facebook servers. If you know your Facebook password in that way, you may be in danger of dying and unhappy.

Sometimes, if you post a record of legal issues from your account, you will be subjected to vain interests. Your password must be kept secret to avoid all of this. Many people who use Facebook use the name, date of birth or mobile number as a password. If you are one of those, it is necessary to change the Facebook password immediately. Let’s continue to see how to change your password on Facebook.

– Open the Facebook functionality on the smartphone 2 – Now you have to click on the menu option on the top right of the screen. 3 – You need to click on Settings and Privacy. 4 – Next Account Settings option. 5 – You should now click on Security and Login.

6 – Click on the Change Password option on this menu. 7 – Now you have to enter the current password and the new password that you want to change. 8 – First you need to register the current password. Next, register your new password and register a new password to confirm it again. This time the new password you enter will be very confidential and easy to find. 9 – Click Save Changes button. Your Password will now be changed. 10 – For security reasons you need to log in on Facebook once again. 11 – On the screen you can start using Facebook as usual, by posting your username and new password.

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