How to apply for Tripura Ration Card?

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Any citizen who are eligible can apply for the issuance of a Tripura Ration Card as under:

The person should not hold a ration card anywhere in India for which should present proof of no ration card along with attachments like supporting documents such as Nationality, Residency, Land Documents and mainly an affidavit from the issuing authority.

  • The temporary ration card is given for Relief cause, after complete field enquiry by the respective official. The expiry of the card should not exceed for over 3 months.
  • For a Duplicate Ration Card in tripura which is lost or become defaced, mutilated, illegible or useless can obtain one from the competent authority against an appropriate fee.
  • Whereafter marriage, to get entry into spouse / partner family card should get deletion certificate if his/her name is already included in their family ration card or titled as head of the family.
  • For any inclusion to be done in the ration card, the child birth certificate is demanded along with ration card in which the inclusion has to be done.

The candidate shall surrender the application (in a4 paper or prescribed application form in bengali) for the issue of Ration card along with the removal certificate issued from the Sub-Divisional Magistrates/ Rationing Authority of the earlier place of address to the concerned authority enclosing the essential documents.

To get BPL or below poverty ration Card, resident should provide an unique recommendation of the Panchayat officials, which is duly checked by the competent authority through field enquiry.

The applicant should contact Rationing Authority, Agartala, Dept. of FCS & CA and the Sub-Divisional Magistrates around the state beyond Agartala.

Complete list of Documents for tripura ration card are

  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Residency Certificate
  • Land Document before 1971
  • Deletion Certificate
  • Affidavit
  • birth certificate

Rupees two or ten is charged to issue apl ration card or its duplicate respectively.

Directorate of Food,
Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs,
Government of Tripura, Tripura, Agartala.

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