How to apply for ration card in Puducherry or Pondicherry?

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The pondicherry ration card applicant can use the prescribed ration card application to get issued a ration card. The resident should given the deletion certificate approved by the concerned officials of the earlier place of address, to the concerned office, attaching the supporting documents.

The citizen will be issued an acknowledgement slip for the application form while on the date the applicant should get the Ration Card producing the ration card application slip.

The office might check the new address as provided by the applicant in the application. If all are perfect, the new or modified ration card will be issued to the applicant.

For those do not possess ration card should produce a certificate from the concerned officer in writing stating that the person own no ration card. Proof of residence as well as surrender/deletion certificate are to be enclosed along with the ration card application form.

For Duplicate Ration Card due to loss or deface, mutilate, illegible or is otherwise rendered of no use for no fault of the ration card card, the card holder has to avail a certificate from the concerned Fair Price Shop and then submit it in the office for getting a duplicate card.

For those having old ration cards mostly in case of Government officials or other persons who are transferring should submit the Deletion Certificate from the concerned authority of the old address where the applicant was residing. The newly married spouses who want to avail new ration card / add it in one of the spouse ration card should get deletion certificate. With which up on submitting the District Supplies Office will include the member in the ration card.

Kottucherry Nugarvor Padukappu Kuzhu, 82 Vellai Pillayar Kovil Street, Kottucherry, Karaikal 609 609.
Humanity Consumer Centre, No.8, Oulgaret Municipal, Complex, Lawspet Market, Puducherry 8
Consumer Association of Puducherry, MIG 15, Housing Board, Kurumbapet, Puducherry 3

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