How to apply for ration card in Mizoram?

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A Mizoram Ration Card entitles beneficiaries of the Public Distribution System of Mizoram to get the daily essentials like sugar, wheat, rice, kerosene, fertilizers at good subsidized rates.

Under the Targeted Public Distribution System, family cards are issued to people of mizoram at a processing fee of Rs.10/-. The ration card applicants if mizoram are needed to type the head of the household, names of the family members, dob, etc. The forms has to be given to the DCSO, District Civil Supply Office attaching the address proof and the village council’s or Local council’s suggestion. To avoid circulation of fraudulent cards, the Government prescribes an exclusive number to every card, which is given to the applicant via his local council / village council. There is a color coded scheme is chosen for ration cards in mizoram namely

Blue cards for PHH or priority household
Yellow cards for AAY
White cards for Non-National Food Security Act households

The AAY & PHH cards are non-transferable when someone migrates at the new location, though, a Non-National Food Security Act card is issued. The residents should submit a migration certificate approved by a District Civil Supplies Office of the earlier place of residence.

How to Apply for a New Ration Card in Mizoram?

The method to apply for a ration card in Mizoram is easy as Citizens can either select an online / offline method depending on their personal wish.

Get the mizoram new ration card application form from the official website
Complete the application form correctly and legibly and confirm all particulars.

Otherwise via offline

  • Procure the application form for a fresh ration card from the District Civil Supply Office.
  • Simply submit the duly filled-in form to district civil supplies office to get all information checked and go ahead with submission.

Documents required for mizoram ration card

  • Address proof
  • proof of identity

John Laltanpuia
Mizoram Civil Service / Deputy Director (General)
Telephone 0389-2326246

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