How to apply for ration card in karnataka state?

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The karnataka state issues following types of ration cards:

  • Green and Yellow cards belongs to BPL families presiding in rural areas and urban slums.
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana cards are for poorest of the poor families residing in rural areas & urban slums with its limit to 4.797 lakh families as fixed by the Indian Government.
  • APL cards divided into saffron cards and photo cards is given to families living above the poverty line APL in rural and urban areas respectively.
    Honorary cards are presented to families who do not want the commodities instead as a identification cause only.

The State Government ensures continuous verifying of ration cards to find and eliminate bogus ration cards and to impose stern action against persons mischieving the advantages of the TPDS.

Commodities included in Karnataka Ration card

  • Nowadays commodities issued under the TPDS are rice, wheat, sugar and kerosene through the fair price depots according to the norms set under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act & Rules.
  • Rice & wheat are given to below poverty line families at subsidised prices.

All family who are of the resident of Karnataka state is entitled to a ration card.

The new ration application form had available from the concerned offices free of cost wherefor computerised ration cards Re.1 fee is charged. The ration card form format is available in the Fair Price Depots apart from that the applicant can make request on a plain paper by the head of the family or the spouse as through intermediaries, social workers, brokers are rejected.

List of documents required for karnataka ration card

  • 3 pp sized photographs of the resident applicant
  • Proof of residence giving residence address of the applicant
  • Identity card approved by the Government or by PSU
  • Recent telephone bill on the applicant’s name
  • Latest postal mail had by the applicant
  • Last Liquid Petroleum Gast bill receipt
  • Valid driving license
  • Valid Passport
  • Electoral identity card
  • Latest tax paid receipt
  • Latest rent-paid receipt

While for poor applicants with no documents, the Food Inspector will enquire and write a mahazar about the applicant as a bonafide resident or not. The issuing authority up on dissatisfaction of the first proof may demand a second proof that which will decide the fate of the ration card application.

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