How to apply for ration card in Jammu & Kashmir Summer & Winter Office?

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The JK ration card applicant should provide the application for issuance of Ration card showing the deletion certificate issued from the Inspector (FCS&CA)/ Panchayat Pradhan of the preceding residential address to the officer concerned enclosing the requisite documents.

The application form should be attested by the Office Head in case of workers and by any Municipal Commissioner or Gazetted Officer or MLA/ Ward Member or any other individual approved by the Government for this cause.

The resident will be issued a slip for the application form and the date and time when the applicant should receive the Jammu Kashmir Family Card.
The citizen should present the acknowledgement to collect the Ration Card.
The office might check the new address as provided in the application and if all is found to be ture, the new Ration Card or the changed ration card, as the need may be, will be given to the ration card holder. An inquiry officer will conduct other information of members and all else listed in the application form. In case of adding of the birth of a child, the birth certificate and the original ration card should be presented at the office. While in case of wedding, Deletion Certificate approved by the earlier official should be mailed with the application and the ration card.

The officer incharge of receipt will provide the application acknowledgement slip to the applicant indicating the probable date of issue of Ration Card. Generally, the Ration Card is issued within a weeks time under usual situations.

The Temporary Ration Card for JK people who are otherwise migrants exceeding not over 3 months can avail.
The Duplicate Ration Card of jammu kashmir can be had while in case of lost or defaced, mutilated, illegible given there is no error of the cardholder. A small fee is levied by the competent authority to issue a duplicate ration card in JK.
While after marriage, if the entry is to be done in the ration card the applicant should get deletion certificate from the previous place of residence, which is given by the Inspector, FCS&CA/ Panchayat Pradhan.

The ration card application Form II to be filled paying Rs.5 for new or duplicate ration card.

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