How to apply for ration card in haryana state?

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To get ration card in haryana state, the applicant should write to Inspector, Food and Supplies. The resident of haryana should attach residential proof, affidavit members and verification from Patwari/MC. Then the Dept. holds surveys as it gets done a full family photo is captured and after paying of the prescribed fee, the ration card is issued.

The first time ration card applicant should use consumer form D-1 available in the office of District Food & Supplies Controller/Asst. Food and Supplies Officer/Inspector Food and Supplies in whose jurisdiction his house addres falls. The haryana ration card application forms can be had from the office of District Food and Supplies Controller/AFSO/IFS.

Along with the family card application form he/she should submit 2 attested photos of passport size of his family.

The resident gives affidavit stating that he/se does not hold any ration card anywhere in India perceding to this application and none of the members of his/her family are not added in any of the ration cards. Further declares his permanent address along with previous five year residence address. The pre-cardholder undertakes that if any particular found false, would be liable for action as mentioned in the rules/act. The affidavit copy is available at Annexure-II.

Then the consumer avails a slip tenting the date as to when to contact the respective office for obtaining ration card.
The Sub-Inspector/Inspector will check the information through physical check of the residence of the applicant and doing essential enquiries apart from consulting electoral list/census record to recommend. With the consideration of the recommendation, the DFSC/AFSO will then issue the family ration card affixing the family photograph on the same.
The ration card can be had by the applicant from the office of District Food and Supplies Controller/ Assistant Food and Supplies Officer/Inspector Food and Supplies.



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