How to apply for ration card in gujarat?

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GRCC aka Gujarat Ration Card Computerisation is an E-Governance task that focuses at digitization of database for the whole ration Cardholders. Of which there are 2 main assignments where the initially was to finish backlog of ration card since 1998 and the rest was issue of new card card and updation of previous ration card.

All ration card transactions are giving fresh APL1 Card, New APL2 Card, New BPL Card and updating the old Ration Cards such as transfer of Ration Card between Fair Price Shop (FPS), Talukas, category change between APL and BPL or BPL and APL, deletion of Ration Card, inclusion & exclusion of member from Ration Cards and division of Ration Card.

The public can reach the District Supply Officer, DSO incharge to assist in the proper way on how to apply for a Ration card in gujarat. There are many higher officials to be contacted at their offices to get it through.

The residents can find all application forms of ration card for the state of gujarat here

There are 3 different kinds of Ration Card in Gujarat according to each of the 3 strata of the society namely

  • BPL or Below Poverty Line Cards are issued to those residents who prevail under the poverty line with an annual income under Rupees 100000/-.
  • APL or Above Poverty Line gujarat family cards are offered to those families in the gujarat state having a yearly income over Rs.100000/-.
  • AAY aka Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cards are provided to those citizens who are very poor economically, having any stable source of income.

Who is eligible for Ration Card in Gujarat?

  • Any applicant who is already having a ration card.
  • Citizens of the economically weaker sections of the society.
  • Couples who just married in the state of Gujarat.
  • Applicants who hold temporary ration cards or cards past expiry.

Food & Ration Card Helpline Toll Free 1800-233-5500
State Consumer Helpline Toll Free 1800-233-0222

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