How to apply for ration card in Andhra Pradesh?

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The state of Andhra Pradesh generally issues new ration cards to all qualified and entitled families over a government notification. The AP ration cards are of 2 basic kinds namely d cards or white cards and pink cards or abc cards

The andhra pradesh white cards are eligible to citizens who secured an income under Rs.11000 and andhrapradesh pink cards are given to those whose income are over Rs.11000.

New family cards of andhra pradesh are provided by the MRO or Mandal Revenue Officerr after getting approval from the District Collector & materializing enquiry on the applicant. The Master or Key Register has information of the ap card holders that are given to a specific dealer. This register is managed dealer-wise. This has information on the cardholders serial number, Card number, cardholder’s name, door number, work, yearly income, number of family members and all else.

Apart from the issuing of fresh cards, the MRO has right to issue ration cards to families relocating on transfer to the Mandal, after checking the surrendered certificates given by them. MRO deals cases of change of the ration shop because of change of address of the cardholder and requisite modifications are mentioned in the registers. The cancellation or rejection of ration cards and verifying of Fair Price shops in case of complaints against them are too taken care by the MRO. The official website of Andhra Pradesh Civil Supplies is


Department of Consumer Affairs,
Food & Civil Supplies,
Andhra Pradesh

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