How to apply for Family Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh?

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Getting a ration card in Himachal Pradesh for its resident is not tough nowadays. As the eligibility is eased as under:

Any individual persona having no ration card should present a certificate from the Panchayat Pradhan/ Inspector, the FCS&CA/ the respective official in writing, declaring that the person has no ration card. This certificate is granted up on the applicant files an affidavit to this dated to the issuing authority. This is the document to be enclosed along with the himachal pradesh ration card application form.

  • The HP Temporary Ration Card are for migrants which is valid for 90 days.
  • The Duplicate Ration Card is for the lost ration cardholders whose family card is defaced, mutilated, illegible or otherwise termed unless where the card-holder is of no fault whereby the competent authority will issue a duplicate ration card over a fee.
  • People owning ration cards at the earlier place is for those government officials or other persons who are moved from one place to another.
  • Here in this case, the Deletion Certificate is necessary from the Panchayat Pradhan/ Inspector, FCS&CA of the place where the individual was residing earlier. The deletion certificate has to be enclosed along with the ration card application form.
  • And incase of marriage or wedding, if the member entry is to be done in the ration card then the ration card deletion certificate is wanted from the existing place of address, issued by the Inspector, FCS & CA/ Panchayat Pradhan.
  • In order to include a child birth in the ration card, the birth certificate of the child is needed, along with the ration card application handwritten or typed neatly on a plain paper addressing to the Inspector, FCS&CA / Panchayat Pradhan.

The form ii application to have a ration card in Himachal Pradesh should be posted to the Panchayat Pradhan in case of rural areas and to the Inspector, FCS&CA for urban areas.

The ration card fee for new and duplicate ration card issue in himachal pradesh is Rs.5 to APL families.

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