How a Village in Thanjavur Should Develop Like?

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How a Village in Thanjavur Should Develop Like?

Good men have estimated the inhabitants of 5000 as a proper village. But in India, there are villages in Thanjavur from even just 1000 civilians. It is the cluster of villages reporting to a hub village.

For a village to grow or sustain it has basic something to ensure. Forget the wisdom of Gandhiji which is distilled and get in to technology & medicine of both Western and Indian way.

Only when the health care, hygiene & education are committed by the village it sees a growth.

No village in Thanjavur without a strong panchayat can be formed as it only takes firm decisions to implement them. The village panchayat monitors the finances and village’s financial strength.

Village Co-operatives sport an important role in the development of rural sector. Co-operatives offer credit to the farmers, the most wanted matter in the farming. Co-ops cover over 97% of villages in India, few run by its members and the government. Several co-operatives in Thanjavur are misled and lack motivation. But that’s not an problem against them. Female mix is required in village co-operatives. A person waiting to build a village single handedly shouldn’t eliminate the value of a co-operative.

Electricity & H2O: The ministry of power, nowadays are busy electrifying lot of villages than one had anticipated. What we need to see is solar power for rural areas. It can metamorphose villages in quarter of irrigation and native needs. Irrigation should be prioritized so as to sort out regional requirements. Thanjavur villages exist with the help of farmers farming and if irrigation performs farming will stand.

Health care of Basic is opted by Sri Lanka has existed to launch in its villages. India has missed in presenting good health care and medical facilities. Over 60-70% of villagers are abjectly based on adjoining cities for main medication. Villages need a clinic employed with one or two persons which can further expand to medium size hospitals in Thanjavur.

Sanitation. Potable drinking water. One toilet for each dwelling is necessary, otherwise a Public toilet at least.

Arunachal Pradesh has the highest crowded schools whereas Bihar & UP has low attendance schools in the village sometimes even short of primary schools. We can’t expect everywhere for a parent to send their children to schools as it is there mindset.

The accessibility to urban centers and villages in Thanjavur are done by the road infrastructure. With the use of internet villages can be prior for online activities.

Banks & Post office of the central government decide to form the Indian Post Payment Bank giving substantial impact on villages in Thanjavur.


About 5000 automated teller machines are equipped by the department all over the country. Also the third party insurance and other service by the bank is on pipeline. Through IPPB the payments of central and state governments facilitated along with municipal dues, fees of educational institutions too. if this kind of facilities are opted then Thanjavur village will transform the business model and execute its projects.

What’s must and the major problems they undergo. A commitment is needed at the federal & state level, that doesn’t mean a single man instead a well determined man to go things heightened.

The caste barrier is the biggest of all to crack.

In India, a village in Thanjavur is annexed by another village within a stone’s throw and one of which is a ghetto. The people of such village can’t use the basic facilities of the adjacent village. The ghettos can’t reside or travel through via this village to another. In India, Hindu temples are which is where the social tasks takes place are barred to the people of the ghetto village.


The village panchayat acquired a holistic attention on a many of its activities, with community groups accountable for different points of the village economy and social uplift.

Stress on community-based units such as women’s thrift groups, milk dairy society and youth clubs.

The village panchayat also concentrated on family planning & reforestation, for which awareness events and drives were constantly conducted.

The village gram sabha in Thanjavur made a watershed development course. The yearly water audit is being held in the village for extra efficient and balanced management of water resources.

All projects that makes a buck or two is made for trouble. Something like this of federal / state funding and that should get few ambitious people. The costs vary state to state. Few states will fetch you complete backing.

List of villages in Thanjavur district

Adhanur Melakaveri
Aduthurai Melakorukkai
Agaramangudi Miruthiyanchapadaiveedu
Agarathur Mullangudi
Alangudi Mullukudi
Alavandipuram Muppakoil
Ammachatram Nagagudi
Ammangudi Nagarasampettai
Ammapettai Narasingampettai
Ammathottam Narikudi
Anakudi Natchiarkoil
Andalur Neerathanallur
Annalagraharam Neikuppai
Annappanpettai Neivasal
Aralur Palaiyanallur
Ariyapadaiveedu Palavathankattalai
Arulmolipet Pandanallur
Arumanallur Pangal
Arundavapuram I Parithikudi
Arundavapuram II Paruthicheri
Asur Patteeswaram
Athipakkam Perappadi
Athiyur Perumandi
Athur Thottam Poundarigapuram
Ayyampettai Puthagaram
Bapurasapuram Puthur
Baskararajapuram S.Pudur
Bhavaniyambalpuram Sakkottai
Chakkarapalli Sarabojirajapuram
Chidambaranatha MuthaliThootam Sarangapanipettai
Chidambaranathapuram Sathanur
Cholapuram Sayanapuram
Dalavaipalayam Sembiavarambal
Darasuram Semmangudi
Deepambalpuram Senganur
Devanancheri Serugudi
Devaryampettai Seshambadi
Dharasuram Sholamaligai
Eachankudi Sikkalanayakkanpettai
Elandurai Sivapuram
Enanallur Sivapurani
Eraharam Sooriyamoolai
Govindapuram Sooriyanarkoil
Inam Asur Srinivasanallur
Injikollai Sundaraperumalkoil Thenpathi
Innambur Swamimalai
Irandankattalai Thandalam
Irumoolai Thandanthottam
Kadichambadi ThenamPadugai Thattimal
Kadiramangalam Thenampadugai
Kallapuliyur Thepperumanallur
Kallur Thillaiyambur
Kanjanur Thimmakudi
Kannarakudi Thippirajapuram
Karuppur Thirucherai
Katchukattu Thirukodikaval
Kattanagaram Thirulogi
Kattur (Koohur) Thirumaignanam
Kavanur Thirumandurai
Keelakorukkai Thirumangaicheri
Keelamanakudi Thirumangalagudi
Keelasooriyamoolai Thirunageswaram
Keeranur Thirunallur
Kilamandur Thirunariyur
Koilramapuram Thiruneelakudi
Kondasamudram Thiruppanandal
Koothanur Thiruppandurai
Koranattu Karuppur I Thiruppurambiyam
Koranattu Karuppur II Thirupuvanam
Kothangudi Thiruvalanjuli
Kothangudithattimal Thiruvalanjuli Thattimal
Kottur Thiruvalliangudi
Kovanur Thiruvidaimarudur
Kovilacheri Thiruvisanallur
Krishnapuram Thiruvisanallurpandarvadai
Kulasekaranallur Thittacheri
Kumaramangalam Thugili
Kumarankudi Thukkatchi
Kumbakonam Udaiyalur
Kunathalapadi Ukkarai
Kurichi Ullur
Madhavapuram Umamahesharapuram
Mahadanapuram Uthamadani
Maharajapuram Valaiyapettai
Malayappanallur Valapuram
Mallapuram Vanduvancheri
Manalur Vaniyakarambai
Manambadi Vannikudi
Mangudi Varvankarai Semmangudi
Manikudi Veerakkan
Manjamalli Velangudi
Marathurai Vellalapillayampettai
Marudanallur Velur
Marutadi Veppathur
Maruthuvakudi Vilandakandam
Mathi Vilangudi
Mathur Villiyavarambal
Mavuthiruppu Vinayagantheru
Melaiyur Visalur
Melakattur Vittalur


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