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Haryana Villages

The state of Haryana, remotely the ‘green’ state, circles New Delhi on almost 3 corners. Its near proximity to Delhi also does the regions around Delhi, industrial townships.

Haryana is mainly an agricultural state with few major industrial areas being promoted by the govt. of India. It is one among the extra developing states and gives a network of forty-five tourist Folk Dance in Haryana complexes, formed along the national and state highways.

Only a short travel from Delhi, one can see Haryana’s tourist complexes for just a day.

The main Tourist Attractions include Jungle Babler, Karna Lake, Sohna, Surajkund, Badhkal Lake, Dabchik, Dumdama, Sultanpur & Kurukshetra.

Surajkund is the internationally popular Surajkund Crafts Mela is conducted annually during the month of February, to encourage Indian arts and handicrafts at Surajkund is just 10 kilometres from Delhi.

The Dumdama is primarily a lake patched by the enchanting Aravali Ranges and is famous for rock climbing, paragliding & ballooning. It is Motorable from Delhi.

Sultanpur is called a waterbird reserve in the year 1972. The grounds are lush with lawns, trees & shrubs and large of bougainvillaea. Sultanpur is a best place for birdwatching.

The town Kurukshetra is only 154 kms from Delhi is where the famous war of the epic, Mahabharata was staged. It was here that the script of the Gita, the doctrine of Hindus, was presented by Lord Krishna to doubt ridden Arjuna on the warfield.

The Kurukshetra water tank finds millions of pilgrims in times of eclipses, when the water is trusted to be particularly purifying.