Government Schemes in Villages of Cuddalore District

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Government Schemes in Villages of Cuddalore District

A village ought to be of at least 5000 populace. There are even villages with 1000 residents in India. It is the bunch of villages connecting a hub village. A village can survive only with crucial requires. Gandhi’s policy of insight ought to be forgotten and step in to technology & medicine and that ought to cover together Western and Indian. Thrift of a village happens as and when it swears itself to primary objects resembling medical, health care, hygiene and education.

Village Panchayat in Cuddalore

The most importance of the village is its own strong panchayat. It is that which plans firm verdicts and materialize them. The village panchayat reports the funds and its force of the village.

Village Co-Operative in Cuddalore

For the rise of rural sector, the Village Co-operatives plays a vital task. Cultivators get loan from Co-operatives with which the farming develops. They fund up to 97% Indian villages, few operated by its associates and few by the regime. Misconduct of co-operatives and stimulus lack are common currently. Let’s ignore the argument over that. In overcoming that the women ought to come forward in village co-operatives. The value of a co-operative ought not to be ignored even in case of a person resembling to build a village lone handedly.

Power & Water in Cuddalore Villages

Many villages fall under ‘electrified’ acquire by the current power ministry. Use of solar power is not leveraged mostly in rural areas. With this, the village can transformed in fields of irrigation & conjugal necessitates. First, when irrigation is prioritized then the conjugal objects are sorted out. But it requires highest funding. For farming to fulcrum, irrigation ought to work consistently.

Village Health Care in Cuddalore

At the best, Sri Lanka’s health care launched in its villages gets applauded which our India couldn’t. Even currently villages up to 70% are moving to nearby cities to get health care and medical facilities. This ought to amend any village in India ought to host 1-2 man health centers to start with, building to average sized hospitals.

Hygiene in Cuddalore Villages

What is Hygiene? What is drinkable water? Where are civic toilets? These are the questions in many villagers heart as it is not seen everywhere. These Health and hygiene are inevitable. So we need a toilet for each house.

Village Education in Cuddalore

It is only the villages that map out the Indian education. Schools are overcrowded, less attended in some villages of Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, and UP. We can expect the close relatives to poke kids to attend schools when there no primary schools at all in some villages.

Village Infrastructure in Cuddalore

Road transport to city centers is the main village infrastructure to be stabilized. The online jobs through internet will make the village open to the world.

Banks & Post Offices in Cuddalore Villages

Indian Post disbursement Bank aka IPBB will enclose effect considerable impact on villages when the announced becomes operational subsequently year athwart banks & post offices by the central regime. Very rapidly, the country will enclose 5,000 ATMs through the Indian postal department. Narendra Modi’s Ayushman Bharat – is the third-party insurance from the banks is waited. With the oncoming of India Post disbursement Bank, any villager can remit dues of municipal, central & state regimes and bills of educational institutions. Ultimately, a drastic amendment in village in form of business executions is on ready. What we can face is all more crisis and ought to see what is needed. The state and central govt. jointly commit as no lone man can execute unless otherwise he/she is determined to enclose objects moved.

Caste System in Cuddalore Villages

Caste is the biggest and hardest fence in India to break. There is at least one ghetto village amongst surrounding villages which is small or big. The people of such ghetto village are prevented from availing crucial facilities, even entry inside, obligatory detouring. The ghettos are banned from entering into the Hindu temples, the center point of social activity in a Hindu village.

Cuddalore Village Model

The village panchayat opt a holistic vision on dissimilar assignments, with society groups held answerable for dissimilar aspects of the village raise and social development. Emphasis on society-based establishments such as women’s thrift groups, milk dairy society & adolescence clubs. The village panchayat also concentrated on family planning & reforestation, for which awareness schemes and essential coerces were constantly arranged. The village gram sabha established a watershed development event. Subsequently the yearly water assessment carried out makes more efficient and equitable management of water resources thus capitulating more farms. A crisis arises when any project costs a buck or two.

Akkadavalli Agaram
Alagappasamudram Akgatimmapuram
Alagapperumalkuppam Alagiyanatham
Anguchettipalayam Alappakkam
Annadanampettai Ambalavanampettai
Ariyirundamangalam Andarmullippallam
Aviyanur Annavalli
Chittarasur Anukkambattu
Eidanur Arangamangalam
Elandampattu Arisipperiyankuppam
Elumedu Ayikuppam
Enadirimangalam Buddampadi
Kadampuliyur Chellancheri
Kandarakkottai (North) Chennappanayakkanpalayam
Kanisapakkam Chinnakanganankuppam
Karukkai Cuddalore
Karumbur Cuddalore Port
Kattugudalur Gangamanayakkankuppam
Kavanur Gunduuppalavadi
Kayapakkam Guruvappanpettai
Kilakuppam Idankondambattu
Kilarungunam Irandayiravilagam
Kiliruppu Kalaiyur
Kilkangeyankuppam Kalkunam
Kilkavarapattu Kambalimedu
Kilmambattu Kanjamandanpettai
Kilur Kannadi
Kolapakkam karaikkadu
Kolipakkam Karaimedu
Kongarayanur Karaiyeravittakuppam
Koranapattu Karamanikuppam
Korathi Karanapatu
Kottambakkam Karunguli
Lakshminarayanpuram Karuppadithundu
Madanagopalapuram Karuveppambadi
Maligamedu Kayalpattu
Maligampattu Kesavanarayanapuram
Manamthavizhnthaputhur Kil Alinjipattu
Manappakkam Kilinjikuppam
Marungur Kilkumaramangalam
Melarungunam Kodandaramapuram
Meliruppu Kolakkudi
Melkangeyankuppam Konamangalam
Melkavarapattu Kondur
Melkumaramangalam (South) Kothavacheri
Melmambattu Krishnankuppam
Melpattampakkam Kudikkadu
Nadukuppam Kumarapettai
Natham Kundiyamallur
Nellikuppam Kurinjipadi
Neyveli Madalpattu
Oraiyur Malaipperumal Agaram
Pagandai Marudadu
Paithambadi Maruvay
Palappattu Mavadipalayam
Pallavarayanatham Melakuppam
Palur Melalinjippattu
Panapakkam Melapuduppettai
Pandarakkottai Naduvirappattu
Panikkankuppam Nagappanur
Panruti Nallathur
Perperiyankuppam Nattapattu
Perumalnaickenpalayam Nayinakuppam
Poiganatham Otteri
Poondi Pachchyankuppam
Poongunam Padirikuppam
Pulavanur Pallippattu
Puliyur(west) Peddunayakkankuppam
Purangani Periyakanganankuppam
Rayarpalayam Pillali
Sanniyasipettai Ponnaiyankuppam
Sathippattu Pudukkadai
Semakottai Puvanikuppam
Semmedu Rajakuppam
Silambinathanpettai Ramapuram
Sirugramam Ranganathapuram
Sirunangaivadi Sedappalayam
Siruvathur Sembankuppam
Sorathur Senjikumarapuram
Sundaravandi Singirikkudi
Talambattu Sirupalaiyur
Tenkuthu Subauppalavadi
Thirasu Tambipettai
Thiruthuraiyur Tanur
Thorapadi Tayilgunampattinam
Tiruvamur Tennambakkam
Ulundamabattu Thambipalayam
Vadakkumelur Thukkanampakkam
Vadakuthu Timmaravuthamkuppam
Vallam Tirttanagari
Vanadirayapuram Tiruchchepuram
Varinjipakkam Tirumanikkuli
Veerapperumanallur Tiruppanambakkam
Vegakollai Tiruvandipuram
Vengadampettai Tiyagavelli
Virasingankuppam Tondamanatham
Visur Toppukollai
Adinarayanapuram Tottappattu
Aduragaram Uchchimedu
Adurkuppam Udalappattu


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