Google I/O: Now Auto Play Google TV Via Android Wear Fit

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Google is anticipated to release a broad range of fresh smart equipments and updates during its annual developers conference named Google I/O 2014. The Google I O 2014 which is a big handy list this time comes as a huge announcemet. The Android was the last year big record break now registering 1 bn active user every month.

androidAndroid One
Google develops ‘Android One’ class standard for economic devices in India for the first time for affordable price below $100. Google Android 1 program offer guidelines for a unified Android experience for those smartphones producers for the growing market. With the Android I Google make terms on the lowest hardware need for a smart phone by the mobile manufacturers. Micromax and Karbonn to take the first devices for India for a price under $100.

i oL Developer
Google is integrating a new born cross-platform user interface known as Material Design which forms as Android’s forthcoming L release which provides app developers maximum tools to personalize typography, grid and color changes as well. With the help of prototyping tool polymer, Material Design lets designers to include smooth animations at 60 fps. Apart from that a guideline is fit to support designers construct easy look and feel. L’s preview teases lockscreen alarms and context-based recognition like on wearing a paired Bluetooth watch when with phone, it won’t alert one for a pattern lock pass. Google’s Project Volta will help developers determine battery discharge patterns to enhance overall power consumption. L is more securitized with new patch for Google Play and factory reset protection.

wearAndroid Wear
Google’s demo on Android Wear SDK showed off Android wearable functionalities on select products. Android wear touchscreen UI allows users swipe around Google Now cards. It also supports apps from the joined smartphone, and users press “Ok Google” prompt to make notes, alerts, alarms, calls and much more. It also comes with the Material Design. On installing an application via Play Store on a phone, the synchronization features happens through the wearable counterpart installing on the smartwatch. Presently list of Android Wear-equipped products are LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and Moto360. The developers starting today can download android wear sdk. Get through pre-order Samsung Gear Live & LG G Android Wear smartwatches

autoAndroid Auto
Here is a  secured and seamless solution design which is fully voice-enabled called Android Auto through connected devices oin drive. This android auto ui when connected with the driver’s smartphone of a compatible car will screen the fast shortcuts to location search, suggestions & navigation. Drivers able to send and receive text messages through voice command just resting their hands and eyes on the steering wheel. Google thus revealed the launch of Android Auto SDK with streaming radio and messaging services within this year associating with forty partners comprising Hyundai, Porsche, Acura and more.

tvGoogle Android TV
Watch your tv or stream live content and other entertainment through a fluid search experience from the Google’s Android TV that will also cast cast information and related YouTube clips. You can control the Android TV with remote control, D-pad or smartwatch. With Android TV play games from Play store on the big screen. Wanna cast content from Android device to the Android TV alike Chromecast then the Google announced Android TV is the one to get ‘voice input, user experience and content. The Google TV if announced in India is proposed to available at the price below Rs.35000/-

chromecastChromecast update
Are your away from the same Wi-Fi network that unable to cast content to Chromecast Dont worry now Users can look out for nearby devices and link through the cloud in absense of Chromecast in the area. One of the Google’s opt-in feature to be launched this year end. Google’s Backdrop feature will let customize background photo taken from the library. The updates include showing weather info, flash news, show whole Android device to the tv.

chromebookAndroid apps to Chromebook
Similar to L update letting users to unlock their phone on use of context & location now comes Chromebooks doing the same function having the phone with you. Android sends signals directly to the Chromebook for non-stop experience. SOme chosen Android applications are presently compatible on the Chromebook comprising Evernote, Vine & Flipboard.

android bridgeWork and play Bridge
How to associated a person’s work and personal life into single equipment now turned true with Google announcing an Android for Work program to support applications remain in one place. Allowing Microsoft Office editing in Google Docs a premium Google Drive offer for enterprise customers lets store unlimited mbs for $10 for 1 user for 1 month.

cloudGoogle Cloud
Google made improvements to Google Cloud engine touting several apps launch using the infrastructure like Snapchat and Secret. With this platform, software developers can debug a ongoing application on many servers, and make alarms for different events to see performance. There is big tools of suite comprising Cloud Save, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Trace, Cloud Debugger, and Cloud Dataflow creating data pipelines for ingesting data sets in large.

fitGoogle Fit
The Google Fit platform is one open, multi-operating system API for fitness application and devices alike Apple’s HealthKit. It collects user’s fitness data into one place. And it is yet to get launched after partnering with Nike, Adidas & Withings.

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