Goa Holidays Calendar 2015 for Banks & Government

goaGoans celebrate the festival lavishly and with full of fun. All round the year they have atleast dozens of festival to observe and the goa government is not cunny in declaring holid ys a big list. Goans are mostly christians and few other religions do live along with in friendly manner. THe goa govt published the closing holidays of banks, companies, markets, schools, and other institutions for the upcoming new year 2015. On this list of 2015 calendar holidays for the state of goa all the office-goers, factory workers will be off. No students will leave for school as the colleges will be on close. Mainly are the festivals, celebrations and ceremonies is the reason for this holiday. THe national holidays of India is abided for the state govt. of goa too.


HolidayDateSakaDays of the week
India Republic Day26.1.15Magha 06Monday
Holi6.3.15Phalguna 15Friday
Gudi Padava21.3.15Phalguna 30Saturday
Bank Account Closing day1.4.15Chaitra 11Wednesday
Good Friday3.4.15Chaitra13Friday
Birth Anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar14.4.15Chaitra24Tuesday
May Day1.5.15Vaisakha 11Friday
Ramzan18.7.15Ashadha 27Saturday
Independence Day of India15.8.15Sravana 24Saturday
Ganesh Chaturthi17.9.15Bhadra 26Thursday
Lord Ganesh Birth Day18.9.15Bhadra 27Friday
Id-UI-Zuha Bakri Id25.9.15Asvina 03Friday
Gandhi Jayanti2.10.15Asvina 10Friday
Dussehra Vijaya Dashmi22.10.15Asvina 30Thursday
Feast of St.Francis Xavier3.12.15Agrahayana 12Thursday
Goa Liberation Day19.12.15Agrahayana 28Saturday
Christmas Day25.12.15Pausa 04Friday

Goa holidays 2015

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