Ermere: A new application that controls your smartphone from far away!

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Ermere: A new application that controls your smartphone from far away!

With the help of an AirDroid application created by Sand Studio, remote files, from laptop or desktop computer can be converted to the Androide smartphone. With the help of this application, you will be able to see the details of the calls on the smart phone, photos and videos on the computer screen. The company has developed a more advanced application than this Airtroy application. The name is called Air Mirror. With this application processor, you can run your smart phone from a computer or another phone from a distance.

Already with the Euroteo application, Mac OS (Mac) or Windows Computer had the ability to run an Android mobile phone. Some argue, therefore, that nothing is new. A mobile phone can be controlled by a mobile phone. While the procedures are a little complicated, you can easily win if you do it. Let’s look at the instructions.

according to the directive of the Emirate Step 1: First You will need to download the Desktop Desktop client on your Mac or Windows Operating System. Step 2: Download the Errora and Etruded Access from your Google Play store for your Android smartphone. Download it from Apple Store if it is iPhone. Step 3: If you do not already have an account here, register yourself and sign in. You can register on the same name, Android, iPhone, or Desktop Client. Step 4: Tap on the Built number seven times to go to Settings> About> Software on the Android smartphone and bring the developer mode to the operating system. (Each mobile phone may have a menu of each kind, but if the developer mode is to run on whatever build is on the built-in number) Next, you need to go to the developer at the Android smartphone and bring the USB Debugging section to the operating system. Now click on the portion of the screen to appear on the screen.

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