Ebay Attack Alerts Users Using Same Password of Amazon, Paypal Like Websites

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EBay urged its customers, affiliates, associates, users to alter their login profile passwords immediately as an emergency because there is an attack on the ebay database by professional hackers today on 21st may 2014 is an official press release statement by the ebay spokes person.

What List of Ebay Hackers Stole?

The database consists encrypted passwords along with customer particulars like telephone nos., date of birth, email ids excluding financial statements is a claim from the ecommerce giant e-bay.

Is Paypal Credit Card Info Hacked?

Paypal on the other end is on alert so ebay asked their subscribers to modify the passwords very strong. eBay conveyed this to CNET stating that its corporate information network got attack by cyber hackers. Because of this ebay partners / customers are afriad of their credit card and debit card numbers and cvv password being publicized and new entrants are stopping signing up for the new sign ups.

Is Worldwide Password Change Asked by Ebay?
ALl the personal information may be leaked due to eBay’s all country server attack. ALl the 128 mn eBayers will now login to change their passwords. Attack on Ebay had its shares falling down 1.73 % 90 cents. Ebays asked not to use the similar password across multiple websites or accounts.

Are Ebay Cyber Attackers Caught?
It is the employee particulars that let Cyberattackers to have entry to the unauthorized access to eBay’s corporate network THe law enforcement officials are on company with San Jose, California-based ebay to investigte and arrest the ethical attackers.

Paypal, Amazon are not under attack only Ebay Is under attack