Do you know how to ‘go’ on iPhone like this?

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Do you know how to ‘go’ on iPhone like this?

There are various Universal Tips to take Selfie in smartphones. When the camera is taken, taking the camera from the eyes slightly at the height of the photo, the beauty of the photo. However, it does not go long enough to highlight cellphy

who do not come to be beautiful can keep the face in the camera realistic. It is necessary to keep your eyes straight before the camera. Although there are many tips to take a cell phone, there are separate options for cellphones to take on iPhones. The extra features offered on iPhones will make the Chef look nice. Here we will see ten useful tricks to take a cell phone on the iPhone.

Sometimes the phone’s camera takes a lot of light and makes the photo over the overexpose. You should touch your face before you click on the Shutter to make your face appear clear when taking the Chefys and Focus correctly. In doing so, Selphi is very realistic and beautiful. powered by Rubicon Project Swipe up and down on the screen with the finger to change the exposure levels before taking the photo. One of the most important aspects of each photo is to look beautiful. In the direct sunlight the light will look beautiful at the slightest angle

If you take the cellphone when you take the cell phone, it will automatically focus. It does not do well in all situations. To make this exposure lock, you have to press the screen in the area where you are. Do this until you see the AE / AF lock on the screen. You can now change the iPhone so you can get the frame you want. Focus and exposure will remain unchanged until you tap the screen again. This feature has been provided since 2010.

3. Camera flash Screening can be used as flash when a cellpho is taken in low light areas. This feature was introduced in the iPhone 6S model. Clicking on the flash icon that appears on the screen is complete. The overlooked iPhone will not occur if the standard is used on other smartphones. The iPhone will provide you with the necessary size of the light in the specific environment of the camera. However, it works only in areas with very little light. Whatever the screen flash, take a small part of the bright spot in low-lying areas will provide you with the way you expect.

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