Diwali 2015 Bonus For Central Government Employees Announced

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Diwali 2015 Bonus For Central Government Employees Announced:

Diwali 2015 Bonus

The Diwali bonus for the non-gazetted employees had been recently announced by the Central Government which is the ad-hoc bonus for a period of 30 days emoluments.

The Finance Ministry had reported that ad-hoc non-productivity linked bonus will be issued to Group C / D Central government employees and Group B non-gazetted employees.

The ad-hoc bonus will also be issued to the central para-military forces and armed forces for the Diwali 2015 festival.

The eligibility limit of bonus from 10000 to 21000 is expected to be increased by the Central Government.

Earlier in the year 1965 the Eligibility limit per month was Rs.1600/- and calculation ceiling was Rs.750 per month while in 1985 it was RS.2500 – Rs.1600, in the year 1995 it was Rs.3500/- – Rs.2500/- and in the year 2007 was RS.1000 – Rs. 3500/-.

Diwali Bonus for Army:

The Central Government every year announces the special festival Bonus for the perons working in Army and this year also Diwali 2015 bonus will be intimated.

Diwali Bonus for Navy:

The persons working in Navy will also be getting the Diwali 2015 bonus as mentioned by the Central Government.

Diwali Bonus for Railway Employees:

The Central Government will be issuing the ad-hoc bonus for the 2015 Diwali based on the person working grade and service in Indian Railways. Productivity Linked Bonus PLB about 12.58 lakh is to be issued to all non-gazetted railway employees with a financial implication of Rs 1,030 core.



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