Dharmapuri District Village Maps Declaring Developments

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Dharmapuri District Village Maps Declaring Developments

A village should be of at least 5000 inhabitants. There are even villages with 1000 residents in India. It is the cluster of Dharmapuri villages connecting a hub village.

A village can live only with basic needs. Gandhi’s policy of wisdom should be forgotten and step in to technology & medicine and that should cover both Western and Indian.

Thrifting of a village happens as and when it promises itself to fundamental things like medical, health care, hygiene and education.

The most importance of the Dharmapuri village is its own strong panchayat. It is that which plans firm decisions and materialize them. The village panchayat reports the finances and its strength of the village.

For the rise of rural sector, the Village Co-operatives plays a vital role. Farmers get loan from Co-operatives with which the farming develops. They fund up to 97% Indian villages, few operated by its members and few by the government. Mismanagement of co-operatives and motivation lack are common nowadays. Let’s ignore the argument over that. In overcoming that the women should come forward in village co-operatives. The value of a co-operative shouldn’t be ignored even in case of a person likely to build a village single handedly.

Power & Water – Many villages in Dharmapuri fall under ‘electrified’ taken by the current power ministry. Use of solar power is not leveraged mostly in rural areas. With this, the village can transformed in fields of irrigation & domestic necessitates. First, when irrigation is prioritized then the domestic things are sorted out. But it needs highest funding. For farming to fulcrum, irrigation should work consistently.

At the best, Sri Lanka’s health care launched in its villages gets applauded which our India couldn’t. Even now villages up to 70% are moving to nearby cities to get health care and medical facilities. This should change any Dharmapuri village in India should host 1-2 man clinics to start with, building to average sized hospitals.

What is Hygiene? What is Potable water? Where are Public toilets? These are the questions in many villagers heart as it is not seen everywhere. These Health and hygiene are inextricable. So we need a toilet for each house.

It is only the villages that trace the Indian education. Schools are overcrowded, less attended in some villages of Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, and UP. We can expect the parents to poke children to attend schools when there no primary schools at all in some villages.

Road transport to urban centers is the main village infrastructure to be stabilized. The online jobs through internet will make the Dharmapuri village open to the world.

Indian Post Payment Bank aka IPBB will have effect substantial impact on villages when the announced becomes operational next year across banks & post offices by the central government.

Very soon, the country will have 5,000 ATMs through the Indian postal department. Narendra Modi’s Ayushman Bharat – is the third-party insurance from the banks is waited. With the oncoming of India Post Payment Bank, any villager can remit dues of municipal, central & state governments and fees of educational institutions. Ultimately, a radical change in Dharmapuri village in form of business executions is on ready.

What we can face is all more problems and should see what is needed. The state and central govt. jointly commit as no single man can execute unless otherwise he/she is determined to have things moved.

Caste is the biggest and hardest barrier in India to break.

There is at least one ghetto village among surrounding Dharmapuri villages which is small or big. The people of such ghetto village are prevented from availing basic facilities, even entry inside, compulsory detouring. The ghettos are barred from entering into the Hindu temples, the center point of social activity in a Hindu village.

Pros & Cons of Model Village in Dharmapuri

  • The village panchayat opt a holistic vision on different assignments, with community groups held responsible for different aspects of the village growth and social development.
  • Emphasis on community-based establishments such as women’s thrift groups, milk dairy society & youth clubs.
  • The village panchayat also concentrated on family planning & reforestation, for which awareness schemes and essential drives were constantly arranged.
  • The village gram sabha introduced a watershed development event. Subsequently the annual water audit conducted makes more efficient and equitable management of water resources thus yielding more farms.
  • A problem arises when any project costs a buck or two.
Achamangalam Kalasthipuram
Achettipalli Kalingavaram
Addakurukki Kamandoddi
Advanapalli Kanimangalam
Agaram Kariyasandiram
Agaram Agraharam Karupalli
Agasipalli Kattinaickenghoddi
Alapatti Kelavarapalli
Alasapalli Kembasandiram
Alnatham Kodiga Timmanapalli
Alur Kodiyalam
Amgondapalli Koladasapuram
Amuthugondapalli Kothagondapalli
Anumepali Kothapalli
Appinayakkankottai Kottasadanapalli
Ariyanapalli Kullur
Athimugam Kumbalam
Attur Kursthanapalli
Avalapalli Kurubarapalli
Avalnatham Lingapuram
Ayaranapalli Mahadevapuram
Badathepalli Malagalakki
Bagalur Mallasandiram
Balagondarayanadurgam Marandapalli
Balanapalli Marasandiram
Balekuli Maruthanapalli
Baliganapalli Mathigiri
Balinayanapalli Meenandoddi
Bannihalli Melumalai
Bargur Midithepalli
Basthalapalli Mookondapalli
Bathimadugu Moorthyganadinna
Batlapalli Moranapalli
Battavarapalli Motham Agraharam
Bayanapalli Mottampalli
Bedapalli Mudipinayanapalayam
Beemandapalli Mugalpalli
Beerepalli Mugalur
Begepalli Muthalli
Belathur Muthuganapalli
Bellampalli Muthurayanpudur
Bellarapalli Nagondapalli
Berigai Naligabetta Agraharam
Bikkanapalli Nallaganakothapalli
Billanakuppam Nallur
Boganapalli Nandimangalam
Bommarasanapalli Nanjapuram
Boppalapuram Nariganapuram
Budhimutlu Nerigam
Chaparthi Oddapalli
Chembarasanapalli Onalvadi
Chenathur Palavanapalli
Chendrapalli Panchakshipuram
Chennapalli Pannapalli
Chennasandiram Pathamuthali
Chikkapoovathi Pattakurubarapalli
Chinmnamttarapalli. Peddakullu
Chinnakothur Peddasigarlapalli
Chinnakudibala Poonapalli
Chinnakullu Punugandoddi
Chinnarendoddi Puram
Chinnathimminayanapalli Ramandoddi
Chowttahalli Sagadevapuram
Collapalli Samanapalli
D.S. Thimmasandram Sanamavu
Dasigowripalli Santhapuram
Dasiripalli Saparapalli
Deripalli Selvankoddi
Devarakundani Settipalli
Devarekuttapalli Sevaganapalli
Devaripalli Shoolagiri
Devasamudiram Siddanapalli
Dhasapalli Sikkalapalli
Doddaganama Sikkanapalli
Doddagounipalli Singasadanapalli
Ebbarai Sokkanathapuram
Edayarapalli Sokkapuram
Elucapalli Sokkarasanapalli
Eluvapalli Sorakayalapalli
Enusonai Subbagiri
Errahalli Sudugondapalli
Errandapalli Sukkasagaram
Ettipalli Suligunta
Ettipallitalav Thattiganapalli
Gangaleri Thinnapalli
Gangamadugu Thiyagarsanapalli
Gedalandhoddi Thiyarandurgam
Gollapalli Thorapalli Agraharam
Gopanapalli Thummanapalli
Govinda Agraharam Thuppuganapalli
Gudisadanapalli Toddur
Gudusalapalli Uddanapalli
Halekotta Ulagam
Hosapalli Ullatti
Hosur Vanamangalam
Ichangoor Vathiripalli
Idipalli Venkatesapuram
Immidinayaganapalli Viswanathapuram
Jeemangalam Zuzuvadi

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