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Daman & Diu Villages

Daman previously known as ‘Damao’, is located on the west coastal region of India, bordering the Arabian Sea. It is encircled by the River Kolak on the northside, Gujarat on the eastward, Kalai River on the south & Gulf of Cambay on the western. The pure and picturesque beachside of Daman are very welcoming to every tourists particularly the ever tensed and tired urbanites. The entertainment park on the Devka beach and Nani Daman rejuvenates and recreates the tourists. The lighting on festive days is a warm to the eyes. The Jampore beach gives a very calm and serene environment, a right destination for ‘solitude-hunters’. Alternate tourist spts in Daman are Nani Daman Jetty Garden, ancient churches, forts, lighthouse and a summerhouse.

The Places to see in daman are Moti Daman,Fort, Nani Daman, Light House, Bom Jesus Church, Our Lady of Rosary Chapel, Our lady of Sea Church, Hilsa Aquarium, Kachigam Water Tank, Hathi Park, Bridge Side Garden, and Municipal Children Park.

The closest airport is Bombay at 193 kms and the nearest railway station is Vapi at 12 kms. By road, it is reachable from mumbai at 93 kms, Ahmedabad at 67 kms, Diu at 763 kms, Panaji through Bombay at 87 kms.


Pandavas of their 14 years of exile are trusted to have rested a few days at a place called as Mani Nagar that was under the Yadavas leadered by Krishna Vasudeva during Mahabharata period. As per mythology, Diu was government by the great king Jallandhar who was a daitya and was murdered by Lord Vishnu with his Sudarshan Chakra. The temple of Jallandhar still prevail in Diu. A palm-fringed, widely sanded and secluded beach, Nagoa is undoubtedly one of the best beautiful beaches in India. The exclusive shoe-shape of the beach does it all the extra wonderful.